Watches and Smart Watches: What Happens When You Turn The Tables

Watches and Smart Watches: What Happens When You Turn The Tables

By Michael Sfougaristos

Watches for men are as essential as water is to humans. Men's watches brands are almost as numerous as the stars and that says a lot about how important a watch is to a man. I'm not even going to get into all the different categories of wrist watches for guys. I mean there are men's luxury watches, men's chronograph watches, men's diving watches, and the list goes on. 

Technology keeps moving at an unprecedented rate. The one major mistake people make with technology is that they tend to believe whats new is always better. That is, that the next technological advance is surely better than the previous one. There is a yes and a no truth to that. Sometimes the newest technology could be worse such as a brand new update to a software that actually makes it worse. The only point we can make where the always the newest technology is better then the old is in money. When it comes to making sales whats newer is better. 

With this wrong notion, people have about new technology aside from it being great for sales, traditional wristwatches should have gone extinct by now. Why should you have a boring old traditional watch that only tells you time, date etc., when you can have a cool new technological smartwatch that will remind you to eat, drink, and maybe even fart? Ok, I was joking about the fart part, but you get my point. Smartwatches can keep track of your emails and much more but is it really better? Must they be considered better than a nice quartz wristwatch?

In 2017 searches online for men's analog-digital quartz watches at international fashion search engine Lyst, were up 30% from the previous year. It wasn't only analog-digital watches that had a rise in search and evidently in sales. Sports waterproof watches for men and casual luxury watches for men also had the same success. In general, stainless steel watches for men outpaced smartwatches both in searches online and sales. Online watch shops enjoyed a good year of sales. This is something that's actually pretty remarkable when you consider what we talked about earlier regarding new technology and the belief most people have about them. Maybe it's too early for a celebration for traditional watches and maybe in 2018 with the rise of new smartwatches, people will jump the bandwagon and go in the other direction. Either way in 2017, men chose to go with traditional stainless steel luxury casual quartz wristwatches. 

I personally believe that the traditional wristwatches will never go out of style and in fact, I will even go as far as believing that they will always outpace smartwatches in sales. I base this personal opinion on the fact that fashion worldwide has taken a step back towards a more traditional approach and that is not something new. In fact, if we study history in conjunction with fashion, we can clearly see that whenever the world is at an economic uncertainty, people always moved closer towards anything that is traditional and the watch or jewelry to be more general is no exception to this. 

The biggest watch brands and fashion brands of the world have shown up to today that they aren't budging from the traditional watch. In fact, they are spending millions of dollars investing in new watch designs. They could have easily abandoned the wristwatches and moved entirely to smartwatches but we see that is not the case. Check out all the models and famous celebrities on the red carpet or any other big fashion and entertainment event. Look closely what the watches they are wearing. None of them and I mean NONE wear smartwatches. Of course, I am not a fan of doing exactly what celebrities do but when it comes to fashion and accessories, they are a good source of inspiration and ideas. 

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Now I would briefly like to touch on the investment part of watches. Before you start thinking I'm crazy, yes you can invest in a watch to get value from it in the long term. I know watches aren't stocks or wine, but a great man's Rolex watch is something that is unique and will always be in demand. In fact, as time goes by, the watch gains more value and is a much sought-after piece of luxury watch for men. On the other hand, smartwatches are like cell phones and any other technology that rapidly evolves within months and as soon as something new comes out the previous one just loses all its value and really worth next to nothing money wise. Aside from long-term investment, most watches for men cost much cheaper then smartwatches. Designer brand watches for men online are very affordable at low prices and you find tons of men's watches under 100 dollars. If you opt out for vintage men watches then you can save even more money so there's a lot going on for traditional watches compared to smartwatches. 


Please forgive me if I seemed to be going too much on the side of traditional wristwatches in this article as I believe that I probably did. Mentioning so much more positives for watches rather than smartwatches seemed like I was trying to convince you to go one way rather than the other way. I am personally not a fan of too much technology. I mean don't get me wrong, I love technology, I myself own a great smartphone but I do believe that a complete fashion look has to hold some barriers. A man is more "Fashion Right" and looks better when he sports a great wrist watch rather than busting out his cell phone from his pocket to tell time or even worse, a smartwatch that lacks so much in aesthetic looks. 

So next time your on the search for a watch that will complement your fashion style, check out the latest men's fashion style watches for trendy and affordable watches online. The best online watch shops are there for you to offer you what you're looking for. 

I hope you all liked this article and even better if you found it useful. Let me know what your thoughts are, or to even say hello. You can contact me by clicking here 

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