Cosmo Girl Sexy Outfit for Women

Cosmo Girl Sexy Outfit for Women

 See and discover cute and sexy fashion ideas for women's outfits and accessories right here on KJSelections. The following hot and sexy outfit is heavily inspired by the cosmo girl personality and her love for everything that is rose gold. 
Cosmo Girl Sexy Outfit for Women
-- Michael Sfougaristos 
Hot sexy dainty top fashion outfit for women with accessories
This is a beautiful going out dress outfit for women that gives them the hot sexy style they deserve to have. It's not too heavy in the eye like some other outfits where things just start to become a little too much. There is a gorgeous harmony among all the items and they all blend perfectly with one another to complete the sexy look. It is a really girly and chic cosmo girl style outfit that will draw the attention of everyone around her. Here are some details on the items you see on the above outfit set. 
Sexy Cosmo Girl by kjselections featuring Burberry

River Island pink dress

Christian Louboutin red shoes

Highlight makeup

Burberry fragrance


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