Cycling Shorts As The Hottest Fashion Trend

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Cycling Shorts As The Hottest Fashion Trend

Cycling Shorts. Yup, you guessed it, they have now become a top fashion item. Those shorts we all looked at on cyclists and wondered whether they were at all comfortable or even thought about how bad of a fashion look that might be, well they are a hot trend now. 

Those obsessive peddlers are going to be getting all proud now thinking, "Hey, we knew it all along that our shorts were hot". Let's look at the bright side everyone, what could be hotter then walking down Broadway street wearing those skin tight shorts that define your genitals down to the finest detail? Just think how great they will be with some Aran Jumpers or a T shirt. 

The fashion world is telling us they are the new cutting edge of fashion and some are thinking, no they're not. To get to the point, according to Dior's and Dolce & Gabbana's latest catwalk show, cycling shorts are the hottest fashion trend and one they want to integrate in your everyday outfit regardless if you are going to ride a bike. 

Doesn't really surprise me as I have seen many catwalk shows with trends far more bizarre then this one. What do you all think about this latest fashion trend? Leave a comment in the comments section below or contact me

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