How is social media impacting fashion trends?

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How is social media impacting fashion trends?

Social media is now a part of our life whether we like it or not. Almost all people in the world today use and/or interact with some form of social media. With social media, people now have instant access to more information then ever before and fashion is no exception. Now people can access the latest fashion news, blogs, and much more with one click. 

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It used to be in the past that people had to either travel to big cities or visit fancy luxurious boutique shops to get a glimpse of the latest fashion trends. Other ways were TV, or magazines. All those were and are still a great way to keep yourself updated with fashion news and trends but they can't beat the speed with which social media can deliver information to its audience. 

Social media has made fashion much more accessible to everyone. Now you don’t have to travel to big cities to see what’s in style or to visit a fabulous boutique. All you need is a hashtag to see what’s trending.

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Another thing social media has changed is the way fashion is "commercialized" to people. In the past the only way were the model run ways, or celebrities. Nowadays everyday regular people have the power to become influencers and literally gather more fans and followers then a celebrity. Big fashion brands have already caught on to this and have been using those "regular" people who have a huge fan base, to commercial their products. 

The way people perceive fashion, the trends in fashion and the way business is done nowadays in the fashion industry, is rapidly evolving faster then ever before. The internet and social media are today the biggest game changers that have the power to make huge shifts in the fashion industry that otherwise would have needed years to do in the past with the older methods. 

--Michael Sfougaristos


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