How To Determine If Your Perfume Is Authentic

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How To Determine If Your Perfume Is Authentic

Fake imitation perfumes are easily manufactured and have unfortunately flooded the online market reaching even the big giant online marketplaces where millions of people shop each month. These perfumes are not authentic and nor do they have the quality or scent that they authentic perfumes has to offer. Knowing how to spot if the perfume you purchased online is fake or not is vital to making an informed choice.  

1. Most counterfeit perfumes can be avoided if you purchase from a reputable seller. We at may not have the super largest inventory of perfumes for women, but what we have is Guaranteed Authentic or your money back. 

2. Pay attention to the price. This is one of the most important things you should look at. Although, not always the safest indicator, perfumes that cost way too low for the brand that they are, should trigger in you mind that this is too good to be true. In other words, if the price is so awesome beyond belief, chances are the perfume is fake. 

3. Check the Control, Batch and Serial Numbers. All authentic perfumes have these on their boxes and you use these to consult the manufacturer and see if the perfume is authentic. 

4. Inspect the box closely. Check to see the text on your perfume's packaging. Look to see if there are any grammatical errors, misspellings, or poorly laid out information, etc These are all sure indicators of counterfeit perfumes. 

simple ways to tell an authentic perfume from a fake

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