In The World of Stainless Steel Jewelry for Men

In The World of Stainless Steel Jewelry for Men

Michael SfougaristosOct 31, '17

-- by Michael Sfougaristos   10/31/2017

Men and stainless steel jewelry were meant for each other. Man is known to be characterized as strong and often powerful. When we think of Stainless Steel the first thing that comes to mind is strength. Maybe its this psychological thought and need for strength that links man to stainless steel. 

Stainless Steel As a Metal

Stainless Steel as a metal is becoming more and more a popular choice for the jewelry industry. The finish on stainless steel jewelry is shiny, smooth and bright. The steel metal itself is more durable then gold and the added advantage of stainless steel jewelry is that they are resistant to rust, tarnish and fading. Worried about allergies that silver can cause? No problem here for stainless steel jewelry as they are hypoallergenic. Today stainless steel is primarily used for fashion jewelry and body jewelry. Men tend to lean towards stainless steel jewelry such as stainless steel gold chains as lifetime jewelry and rightfully so. 

Mens Stainless Steel Gold Chain

About Men's Stainless Steel Jewelry

Stainless steel jewelry for men has a cost much lower then that of gold yet its strength is higher, thus making it a popular choice for most men. One of the most popular stainless steel jewelry for men are mens stainless steel gold chains. A 20 inch figaro gold or platinum chain would cost a price that would be out reach for most people. Yet if you were to get the same chain in stainless steel the price would be much cheaper. Besides the price difference the most amazing thing is that mens stainless steel gold chain necklaces look beautiful with construction look and feel exactly as that of gold or platinum. Today, mens stainless steel jewelry is truly remarkable and the quality standards are such that more and more men turn to stainless steel jewelry.

What are all the types of Stainless Steel Jewelry?

Stainless steel as a metal is made in approximately 140 different types all of which server a different purpose. Some are for decorations, others are used for jewelry while others for construction. The only version of stainless steel used for men jewelry is the surgical stainless steel or otherwise known as 316L. Some of the most popular man stainless steel jewelry are Gold Plated Stainless Steel, Silver Stainless Steel and Black Carbon Stainless Steel. 

Mens Stainless Steel Gold Chain

Does stainless steel jewelry tarnish or fade?

Stainless Steel Jewelry for Men is not what it used to be decades ago. With today's technology manufacturers use chromium oxide film which prevents tarnish and rust making stainless steel such as stainless steel chains for men rust and tarnish resistant. This is because the film used in the stainless steel prevents it from reacting to many chemicals. For example, silver has a problem when coming into contact with chlorine or salt water which causes it to tarnish. This is not the case with stainless steel jewelry. Chlorine or water will not have any affect on your stainless steel jewelry.

Will my stainless steel jewelry leave green marks on my skin?

The answer to this question is flat out No. Unlike Stainless Steel, Sterling silver and metals such as zinc alloy are mainly responsible for green marks on your skin and this might be due to a person's allergic reaction to those metals.

How to take care of your stainless steel jewelry?

All you need is a bowl of warm water. Make sure the water temperature is not hot enough to burn your skin. Add to the bowl a little bit of your everyday diswashing soap and place into the bowl your stainless steel jewelry for about a minute. Next, take a lint free cloth and gently wipe your stainless steel chain until its clean and dry.

Is stainless steel jewelry water resistant?

It may surprise you to know that Stainless steel jewelry is stronger and more rugged than gold or silver. This makes Stainless steel jewelry anti-allergenic, durable, and of course water resistant,thus it will never tarnish, rust nor fade.

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