KJSelections Long Sleeves are an ideal addition to any man's wardrobe

KJSelections Long Sleeves are an ideal addition to any man's wardrobe

Klarna CollaboratorSep 13, '19

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Written by: EGribb

Whether it's the latest season of Stranger Things or the resurgence of Nike Air Max 90's, nostalgia has never been more prevalent than it is now. What goes with the nostalgia trend? Vintage clothing. Whether you want to look like Steve Harrington at Hawkins High School or just add a vintage touch to a more modern look, you can't go wrong with a long sleeve shirt from KJSelections (https://kjselections.com/collections/mens-long-sleeves). These shirts will add plenty of style to your wardrobe.


KJSelections has you covered no matter what you are looking for in a long sleeve with designs featuring sports, motorcycles, rock n roll, and even some humor. That variety of trendy, quality designs gives you the ability to find something that fits today's trends while staying true to your personal style. One of my personal favorites is the Basketball World Champs design
Basketball World Champs Men's Retro Vintage Long Sleeve Shirt
available in White, Black, Asphalt or Navy. This shirt evokes memories of Double Dribble on the NES with its image of a dunking man and the year 1988 displayed.
Not into sports? Check out the I am a Fire Starter design) available in Black, Asphalt or Navy. With the image of a lighter emblazoned over two crossed knives, this design would have fit right in on any 80's metal bands tour t-shirt.
The long sleeve shirt is very versatile and can be worn in various ways to give you the look you desire. The great thing about KJSelctions version of the long sleeve is that they've paired their unique vintage designs with the known comfort and quality of American Apparel cotton shirts. The shirts will be soft, but also keep their shape which is extremely important when trying to dress to impress. A shirt can have a great design, but if it looks too baggy or the neckline is wrong, the design cannot save it from being a fashion disaster.
So how exactly should you wear your KJSelections long sleeve? Lets start with a classic vintage look of KJSelections long sleeve shirt paired with a classic slim or skinny fit jean. This look will simply never go out of style and is perfect for an early Fall Saturday. The only decision you have to make is whether to finish that look with a pair of Nike's or go really old school and break out the Chuck Taylor's.
Once the weather gets colder you can layer that long sleeve underneath a vest. Leave the vest unzipped to allow that great KJSelections design to be seen and pair the vest and long sleeve with those classic slim or skinny fit jeans again. Too cold for the vest? How about going with another of the most popular retro pieces today and pairing your long sleeve with a bomber jacket? This creates another classic vintage look that takes you back to the days of Maverick and Goose in Top Gun or maybe just gets you ready for the upcoming sequel to the 80's classic movie that is reportedly in the works. This look will be sure to turn heads on those cold days.
Want to go more daring with your look, but still keep that retro vibe? Very few vintage items are more popular right now than vintage concert t shirts. Some shirts from the 80's and 90's featuring bands like Metallica or Nirvana are selling for well over $250 in various vintage clothing shops. You can get that look for far less with the aforementioned I am a Fire Starter long sleeve. I'd suggest pairing the I am a Fire Starter long sleeve with some ripped skinny jeans for the look of a true 80's rock star!

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