Reasons To Wear a Watch

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Reasons To Wear a Watch

Reasons To Wear a Watch: 

Michael Sfougaristos from KJSelections

Must Have Accessory

A watch is a timeless and functional accessory that can represent a man’s personality. When it comes to rings and bracelets, the debate is wide open as to which is a more important accessory but for watches, it is not up to debate. They're a must have accessory for any men.

For Your Profession

No matter the profession you work in and really no matter what the dress code is, watches add to a professional manner and help show a serious profile. Lets just face it, pulling out your cell phone to see what time it is during a meeting isn't the smartest nor professional looking method.  

Personal Level

A watch is not just an accessory or a tool to tell time. For many, watches are a Sentiment and is deeply connected with something they love most. Whether your watch was a gift from a loved one, or a connection to unforgettable memories of great moments in your life, it is sure to bring emotions each time you look at it. I don't think many accessories or jewelry can have such power to affect our emotions as a watch can. 

In Conclusion

As I mentioned earlier, watches aren't just some tool we use to see time. They are an accessory, a jewelry, a profile builder, and a sentiment that connects a man with what he loves most. 

We all have Cell Phones nowadays but do you really want to pull out your cell phone every single time just to see what time it is? I mean really, just think of the steps you got to take. You have to get your cell phone from your pocket, open the case, click to turn your phone's screen on and look at the time. I prefer to just make a subtle movement of my wrist and see the time right away. This way not only do you see time faster but you also have a chance to take a quick look once again to your beautiful Jewelry accessory. Call me crazy but that's just my opinion 

One more thing. Have you ever seen commercials for Men's Colognes or a Movie with some Government Agent? Ever noticed, they all wear watches? How cool would it be if they used a cell phone to see time instead of a watch? NOT COOL!  A Watch is the art of coolness.

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