Smartphone buying tips - What to watch when buying a mobile phone online

Smartphone buying tips - What to watch when buying a mobile phone online

Michael SfougaristosJan 16, '18

When you search online and do your research in online stores before you buy your next mobile phone, check out the models that interest you mainly through photos and downloads selected by the online store. Most devices now have rich features and features that you'll discover when you try the device and will hardly see it from the description. In addition, data and information about smartphones displayed in online stores and search engines are typically collected from manufacturers' official pages and from online databases.

Because of this reason, before you go ahead and make your final decision and in order to avoid casualties, you need to be sure that the mobile you choose meets your needs, confirming its essential features and reading all available information.

When you have made your choice and you're ready to purchase, there are some extra steps that you should follow. When you receive your order, open the parcel and check it carefully to make sure you received exactly what you have ordered and that the contents of the package are without any obvious defect.

Also, as defined by e-shopping legislation, the mobile phone must be accompanied by the legal purchase receipt (proof of purchase or invoice) as the document is necessary for any warranty accompanying the device.

If something is wrong with what was just mentioned previously or you see a clear defect, then you can refuse to accept the product or even contact the store asking for a replacement or return.

Beyond that, to check the authenticity of the smartphone you just bought, there are some basic things you can take a look when your device has arrived. 

Smartphone buying tip

Checking Your Package Properly:

Visual inspection of your package is a basic principle. If the packaging is visibly shaken, opened, it may indicate that at some point beyond the manufacturer it may have been tampered with. Depending on the manufacturer, on some premium devices, the packaging may be wrapped and sealed externally with a jelly. Also, it is important to have the security tape on the packaging and not be torn or glued again.

If you have any concerns from the outer packaging, then as provided for by law, you have the right to withdraw and ask for the product to be returned to the store within 14 days of the date of order-receipt.

When opening the package, you should check that everything inside it includes everything mentioned on the listing from the website of which you purchased and the manufacturer's website, such as the charger, the headset, and any other peripherals or cables that accompany the device.

In some cases, the accessories on the smartphone package may differ by a lot, as some manufacturers occasionally add or remove accessories depending on the current commercial policy.

Check IMEI and Serial Number

Another useful feature is the IMEI number and the serial number, usually printed on a special sticker on the package.

The International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI) number is the international identification number that must accompany each device operating on GSM and/or UMTS networks. The IMEI is unique to each device and is essentially the identity of the mobile phone used by telecom operators to identify and identify when connected to their network.


Both IMEI and serial number show basic device information that you can control, such as the model code, date of manufacture, country of manufacture, the rest of the factory warranty, and the support service for your device. Several major manufacturers (eg Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi) provide their own IMEI check-in pages.

Tip: IMEI is almost always on the inside of the phone where the battery is installed, and often on the packaging, proof of purchase, and in the accompanying user's manual. In addition, by typing digits * # 06 # when the mobile is on, the IMEI number is displayed on the phone screen.

Of course, there is also the traditional way, where with a quick phone call in the service department of the particular manufacturer you can access the corresponding information.


As far as the device software is concerned, each smartphone is set according to the country in which it will be offered for sale. Using the device outside of this country may lead to a lack of basic services by telecom operators (such as 4G support, signal loss or low call quality), high battery consumption and incompatibility with certain applications.

A simple way of confirming that the device is configured for your national language market is that the terms of the guarantee are listed in your native speaking language. 


As far as the warranty is concerned, all cell phones are accompanied by a commercial guarantee, which is offered by the manufacturer and covered according to the specifications specified by the manufacturer in approved service centers. The commercial guarantee covers you in addition to your legal rights under the re-sale contract. The duration of the commercial guarantee is determined by each manufacturer depending on the possible life of the mobile phone.

To find out about the commercial warranty, you should refer to the product packaging and check that the manufacturer's warranty is stated in the user manual.

Enjoy Your New Smartphone :)

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