A menswear guide to wearing casual sport T-shirts

A menswear guide to wearing casual sport T-shirts

Written by: onzom12

Most men will tell you that the casual sports t-shirt is their favorite style piece and there is a good reason why this is the case. As men, our simple nature makes the t-shirt an indispensable member of our wardrobes because there is very little decision making involved when wearing one.

However, while simplicity is such an attraction for men, it doesn’t make it less important to look fashionable especially when going outdoors. That is why Kjselections has always taken pride in being a leader when it comes to the offering trendiest T-shirts for men under 35 dollars.


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If you are heading out for an afternoon or night out with a bunch of friends or your girlfriend, you want to attract attention for the right reason. If you can find a way to match your t-shirt and your great jeans to perfection, you will have taken the first big step towards that positive first impression.

Here are some tips to help you find the jeans to match with your favorite T-shirt:

  1. Keep everything simple

A pair of jeans with extreme colors, distressed styles and flashy decorations is a waste especially when you try to match it with any of your cool men’s designer T-shirts. You don’t want the jeans getting all the attention especially when you have on one of the coolest T-shirts ever. For starters, you can go for a versatile color like dark indigo. If that is not available, you can try black, dark grey or dark blue.

  1. Get the fit right

You want both your T-shirt and jeans to fit your body type. While it’s good for the jeans to fit closely, they shouldn’t be too tight. In other words, avoid skinny jeans. A great choice would be straight leg jeans. These ones maintain the same size from the thigh straight down to the ankle. If you like a little bit of exuberance, you can go for jeans that are a bit flared at the ankles.

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  1. Know your jeans

There is no doubt that jeans are a must-have for any man. Although they are part of casual wear, you still want to find the right style, fit, wash and style. If you find the right pair, you will be to match it with virtually anything. The worst mistake you can make with jeans is trying to be too cheap because your whole outfit will end up looking cheap.

How do I find the perfect T-shirt size?

Matching a T-shirt and jeans might seem simple but it’s not as easy to pull off as most people think. Finding the perfect piece of each and then putting them together requires you to know what is best for your body. The first step towards finding the best T-shirts for men is knowing your size.

However, this is not always so straightforward. What is small, medium or large in one store might not be the same in a different store. The best way to go about it is to try different sizes when shopping to see which size you should buy.

Importance of investing in high-quality T-shirts

While there is nothing wrong with walking into a store and picking any T-shirt for four or five dollars, there are a few problems that you can encounter when you do that. Most of these cheap T-shirts are unlikely to last long because of their poor quality. In some cases, they are made of cheap material that may make you feel uncomfortable.

This is why it pays to go for quality even if it means spending a little more. The fact that it’s going to last longer makes it worth the money. At the same time, the quality fabric means that it will retain its shape and size after you wash it.

In summary

There is no doubt that choosing the right clothes will make you stand out during an outing. To further enhance your look, you can also throw some accessories into the mix. A nice watch and belt wouldn’t be a bad idea. A scarf would also work well especially considering that nights can be quite cold. All in all, it’s all about what works for you and taking full advantage of it. At Kjselections, there is always someone on hand to give you any help that you may need finding the best T-shirts for men.

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