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-- by Michael Sfougaristos   10/31/2017 Men and stainless steel jewelry were meant for each other. Man is known to be characterized as strong and often powerful. When we think of Stainless Steel the first thing that comes to mind is strength. Maybe its this psychological thought and need for strength that links man to stainless steel.  Stainless Steel As a Metal Stainless Steel as a metal is becoming more and more a popular choice for the jewelry industry. The finish on stainless steel jewelry is shiny, smooth and bright. The steel metal itself is more durable then gold and the added advantage of...

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Redefine the fashion statement with Otto caps and hats. In this article we talked about Otto Caps, What makes them so unique and why KJSelections has chosen them as their official Caps on which to work on for our Designer Brand Caps. 

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Smartwatches look nice and cute but there is something to be worried about and you should think twice before buying one. In this article we'll dive into the security flaws smartwatches have and how they can affect your privacy.

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--Michael Sfougaristos 10/18/2017   KJSelections offers an extensive collection of men's quartz watches, chronograph quartz watches and auto mechanical watches all under $100.00. We can satisfy every style, taste, and price range.  Our watches are made from cutting-edge modern technology, high quality and with designs that offer timeless ageless beauty. All our watches are covered by our 2 year warranty. That means you can return your watch to us and we'll fix it or replace absolutely free of charge. So with all this in mind why don't we go ahead and check out the latest releases in mens watches from KJSelections.  MEN'S LUXURY...

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KJSelections.com Michael Sfougaristos 10/17/2017 ________________________   An outfit for the day could be challenging for some men to think about. Most men tend to wear the same styles since thinking about a constant change in fashion trends is too much for them to handle. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as its actually quite normal. Men just can't match a woman's instinct, passion and desire for a non stop evolutionary change in fashion.  I have been coming up and posting outfit sets for men for some time now and I hope that my sets find a crowd that loves them...

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