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clothing for men, kjselections, mens fashion, mens fashion blog, outfit of the day ideas for guys, what to wear man - Michael Sfougaristos 10/17/2017 ________________________   An outfit for the day could be challenging for some men to think about. Most men tend to wear the same styles since thinking about a constant change in fashion trends is too much for them to handle. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as its actually quite normal. Men just can't match a woman's instinct, passion and desire for a non stop evolutionary change in fashion.  I have been coming up and posting outfit sets for men for some time now and I hope that my sets find a crowd that loves them...

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Street Smart Love Outfit For Men KJSelections --Michael Sfougaristos The good old days just got married with the new age of modern, stylish and sexy casual style clothing line from KJSelections. Introducing an outfit for men that's perfectly balanced with comfort, great matching jewelry and must have accessories.  This is KJSelections First Complete outfit for Men that has everything you see sold right here on I chose to add the elements of "Love" with a masculine, modern look inspired by Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir. Every Cologne should have certain styles that accommodate it and this outfit is one style that...

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