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Men's Outfits For Every Occasion, Best Men's Fashion Ideas, Men's Street Style Outfits For Cool Guys, Discover cool casual wear for men featuring outfits fit for nights out   I Feel Very Confident --Michael Sfougaristos Hello Everyone and thank you so much for visiting once more my online fashion blog. I've just finished coming up with a brand new t-shirt for KJSelections that I would like to share with you. As always, I like to come up with a complete outfit look for my T-Shirts. This outfit look is one of my favorites. I have added not only a hot fashionable brand new t shirt, but also...

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Welcome To New York City --Michael Sfougaristos New York City continues to Inspire people of all ages. Fashion cannot be an exception. Some of the biggest fashion designers and brands were born in New York City and owe there success to the vibe of this beautiful city. Here at KJSelections, we cannot hide the fact that this city captivates us and motivates us to come up with New York Style outfits for men that are a perfect all around look that can be classified as casual and borderline luxury.  This new look you see above is what I would...

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