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The Shape of a Cat's eyes are a classic look that women have always loved. This season though, things have evolved for the better. The Cat Eye style was reinvented itself with much sharper edges to give a hot sexy look. For a sophisticated, more modern style, add an angular pair to your look and be sure to pull back your hair to show off the shape. Cat eye sunglasses are predominately used for women's sunglasses and on few occasions for men's sunglasses too. This is a design that was very popular back in the 1960s but like all fashion trends,...

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Polarized Sunglasses were designed for one purpose and that is, to decrease the amount of glare coming towards our eyes. This Glare can be due from surfaces on water, snow and ice. Ever drive on a Bright Sunny, but yet Snowy environment? Our sensitive eyes just can't stand such glare. Or how about a beautiful sunny afternoon on the lake and the glare from the water's surface makes it hard for you to see? So why Polarized Sunglasses? They provide the Best Glare Protection. Better then any other kind of sunglasses you can purchase in the market. Polarized lenses contain...

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