Time is Timeless

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Time is Timeless

Time Is Timeless

Time is Timeless 
by Michael Sfougaristos from KJSelections.com

The primary function of any watch is to tell us the time, but that has been rendered pretty much obsolete since the invention of the mobile phones. So why are we still buying them? Watches, especially today are not just timekeepers. In the past, many decades back, watches were thought of as a tool to tell time. 

Today they are Men's best jewelry friend. We can think of them today as mini-masterpieces that showcase top quality craftsmanship, tradition, technology and innovation. They are the Ferrari sports car rolled into one package that sit neatly on our wrist.The sheer look of a watch is a story of its own. Watches tell a story and many times are our status ambassadors. Each watch has something to say about its owner and today in a world were information exchange is at record high pace, watches are becoming the jewelry industry's number one selling product. 

I read an article at Quora from a gentleman named Scott Hughes, where he wrote about how he came to realize watches were more than just telling time. Scott wrote " When I don't wear a watch, I'm missing an opportunity to express myself." That is a one line sentence that says it all. Couldn't agree more with Mr. Scott.For me, my watch is my story, my expression, and my moment right now. I don't know if this watch I'm wearing now, will continue to represent me for the rest of my life. It might and it might not, and it's ok if it doesn't. We grow through different stages in our life, so changing a watch is definitely normal. 

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