Top 3 Watch Categories You Should Know More About

Top 3 Watch Categories You Should Know More About

Chronograph Watches, Analog Watches and Quartz Watches. These are some of the type of watches I will be discussing about in this article. To write about all watch types would be a very long blog article so I tried to narrow it down to the very popular types of watches.

chronograph, analog, quartz movement wristwatches for men

People who wear a watch have one common reason for doing so, and that is that the watch is a piece of jewelry that expresses who they are or what world they want to be part of. It's really nice when you think about how this piece of "tool" or should I say, Jewelry tells time and at the same time can make our thoughts travel back in time. A lot of "time" used in that sentence huh? :)

When purchasing a watch, many people look for that one watch that will fit there fashion ideology and feelings. Basically, its not an easy buy. According to research, men take more time when choosing a watch then if they had to choose what to wear. 

types of watches for men

Three of the most popular choices for a watch are Chronograph watches, Analog watches and Quartz watches. So what are these and what does it mean for you?

Chronograph watches are the most popular choice of watch people tend to buy. They basically have a feature that allows you to track of time in the finest detail. A very simple example of a Chronograph watch are the Stop Watches. The word "Chronograph" is taken from the Greek Words "Chronos" which means Time, and "Graph" which means To Map. 

What is a Chronograph Watch

Another popular watch choice are the Analog watches. Analog Watches are watches that have in there display 1-3 hands that move and point to numbers that are fixed on the watch's circular dial. What I love about these watches is that you can use them to tell the direction of where North and South is with perfect precision. I found this picture at wikipedia. 

The word Analog comes from the Greek word "Analogous" which basically means depending on where A is then you have B. I explained it in very simple terms, its not just like that, theirs more to it but this Blog article wasn't intended to go in depth of on the Greek language. 

And finally we have the Quartz Watches. Please be mindful that Quartz watches refers to a mechanism in the watch, which means a Chronograph watch can have Quartz Movement. The explanation to what Quartz watches are is going to both amaze you and confuse you. In as simple terms as I can explain this, Quartz watches work using vibrations from electrically charged quartz crystal. This might sound hard to grasp and you shouldn't feel bad about it, as it took 30 years for scientists to be able to finally put this technology into watches. This whole Quartz movement watch thing, should be considered one of the most important technological breakthroughs.  

what are quartz watches

I talked about only three types of watch categories and no more as I'm pretty sure it can get a bit overwhelming or flat out boring. haha

Looking at your watch or even better, purchasing a new watch is the most exciting part of it all.

I would love to find out what kind of watches you guys or girls own. Leave a comment in the comment section below. Until next time, have a good one!

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