Welcome To New York City!

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Welcome To New York City!

Welcome To New York City
--Michael Sfougaristos
Welcome To New York City Fashion Outfit for Men
New York City continues to Inspire people of all ages. Fashion cannot be an exception. Some of the biggest fashion designers and brands were born in New York City and owe there success to the vibe of this beautiful city. Here at KJSelections, we cannot hide the fact that this city captivates us and motivates us to come up with New York Style outfits for men that are a perfect all around look that can be classified as casual and borderline luxury. 
This new look you see above is what I would consider a perfect everyday New Yorker look. Its great for that man who wants get out during the day and go about doing his things in the city, whether that is going to work, at the park, for coffee, or a casual evening out with friends. 
New York City Brooklyn
Everything you see on this look has been carefully selected to match the dazzling vibe of New York. The short sleeve t-shirt certainly can't go unnoticed and is definitely the major eye catching item on this look. This is a classic tee that has a light feel. Made of 100% rings pun cotton (except for heather colors, which contain 10% polyester).
The jeans are also another great highlight of this look. Great color choice with perfect bleach handcrafted style, these straight fit jeans go great with the t-shirt and the new balance shoes. The shoes are very beautiful with great colors and stunning design that really help upgrade this New York Style Outfit. 
The Stainless Steel watch is just awesome. The design and look of it can't be described by words. Ill try to give it a description but I feel it wont be enough. That is how much I really love this watch. For me it is a watch that can be worn everyday forever because it combines the necessary look and feel to be worn with any outfit style a man wants. You can use this watch for casual, luxury, formal, street wear, sportswear and so on. Besides all that, the construction of this watch is phenomenal. I personally own one and wear it everyday and I can tell you guys that its very strong, comfortable and I always get asked where did I get this watch from. Its just a very hot, trendy and stylish watch for men. 
Stainless Steel Wrist Watch for Men
Everything I have mentioned so far and all of the rest of the items on this outfit can be found and purchased directly on KJSelections.com
I'm not going to get into more talk about the items seen on the outfit as I don't want to get you guys tired of reading too much.Let me know if you have any ideas, thoughts or questions about this article, the outfit or any of my other blog articles.
New York CIty Times Square Street Picture with Taxi
I want to personally thank you very much for taking the time to visit my blog and checking out my articles. Wish you all the best!
Michael Sfougaristos

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