What are Mechanical Watches and how do they work?

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What are Mechanical Watches and how do they work?

What are Mechanical Watches and how do they work?
--Michael Sfougaristos

In short, mechanical watches are watches that use a lot of perfectly crafted tiny mechanisms that all sync together to produce time. This differs a lot from the modern day Quartz movement watches, which function based on an electronic functionality. 

Face of Mechanical Watch for Men

Mechanical watches are believed to have been invented during the 16th century and early models were obviously terribly imprecise. Up until the 1970s, all watches made were mechanical. Today mechanical watches are very precise and are actually making a huge splash in the market this year. Though early, many predict that 2017 will be the year that mechanical watches break all previous records in total sales.

So how do mechanical watches work? There are two types of mechanical watches. The ones you have to periodically wind and the ones that automatically self wind. There is a spring inside each mechanical watch which powers the movement of all the little parts in the watch to precisely tell time. The Automatic self winding mechanical watches don't need any help from us. They wind themselves to keep precise time for us. 

Mechanical Watches for Men

Today, mechanical watches are the ultimate luxury watch. The beauty of these watches is unmatched. They can genuinely be considered a work of art, gifted with real timeless beauty. They have the charm and way of taking us either back in time or in a world of dreams, especially the mechanical watches that have something to do with the moon. I really love those watches. 

I believe that most men, as they age with time, it is only then that they really start appreciating and falling in love with mechanical watches. I wore my entire life quartz movement watches and never once did it cross my mind to shop for a mechanical watch but right now at this point of my life, I can't imagine myself without an automatic self winding mechanical watch.

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