Every Man’s Guide To Fragrance: How To Pick The Right Cologne

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Every Man’s Guide To Fragrance: How To Pick The Right Cologne

A men's cologne guide, essential to helping you choose amongst the most popular cologne brands and which cologne is best suited for you.

 By Michael Sfougaristos

— January 03, 2018

Most men believe that scent is extraordinarily important in telling people who they are and what they believe. Needless to say, any man who does not wear a good cologne is missing out on an important tool in his presentation arsenal. Even though there are many brands of cologne, telling the right story is the ultimate men’s cologne guide that will give you pointers on how to pick the right cologne that will match your style and occasion.

1. Learn About Fragrance Categories
By familiarizing yourself with fragrance categories, you no longer need to ask yourself, what cologne should I buy? You will be able to easily determine the scents that appeal most to you. As traditional scents are classified as either woody, amber or floral, it will be easy to pick the right cologne for you. Floral colognes have dominant flower scents while amber scents are more sweet and exotic. On the other hand, woody colognes have cedar and sandalwood notes.
Every Man’s Guide To Fragrance: How To Pick The Right Cologne
2. Choose A Concentration
A majority of the most popular men’s colognes come in four different levels of concentration. The higher the concentration, the higher the price. This is because colognes with high concentration have a longer lasting scent. Determine whether you prefer a cologne that will linger on your clothes or one that will simply fade away as the day (or night) goes by.

3. Test, Test. Test
The only way to find a cologne that perfectly matches your personality is by letting your nose guide you. Take a trip down to a local boutique and whiff off very variety that is on offer. Do not let the salesman sway you, instead, try all prospective scents until you have narrowed it down to two of your favorites. 

4. Learn About The Release Year
On a yearly basis, men’s colognes go through a fluctuation of how they smell due to the varying ingredients that are used. For instance, a 2016 cologne may be sharper smelling than a 2017 cologne. Therefore, the release year plays an important role when choosing brands of cologne.
Man's Guide How To Pick The Right Cologne
5. Use Your Personality As a Guide
Your personality will most likely guide you towards the fragrance that you choose. Musky amber scents are perfectly suited for men with a mysterious allure while woody concoctions are meant for charismatic men. On the other hand, romantic men will choose floral fragrances and sporty men will go for aquatic or citrus fragrances.

6. Consider Your Body Chemistry
A cologne is meant to complement your particular natural body odor. Even if a cologne is attractive in its bottle, it may not be pleasant after it has been on your body for a day or two.

7. Get A Second Opinion

It is always best to ask for a second opinion on the fragrance that you have chosen.

What Do Women Look For In Men’s Colognes?

Although choosing a cologne is an incredibly personal endeavor for many men. It directly affects the women within their diet vanity. Most importantly, the most popular men’s colognes have an impact on women who come within a sniffing distance. Women look for the following in man’s cologne:

i) Moderation-Women do not want men to go overboard when applying a fragrance. Moderation is key and less is more. It should not be overpowering.

ii) Uniqueness- do not buy the cologne that every other man uses. It may remind them of an unpleasant encounter with another man. Instead, choose a cologne that is uniquely you-and represents your personality.

iii) Memorable scent- No one can easily be able to forget an inviting fragrance. A memorable scent is an exciting aspect for many women.

Once you find the brand of cologne that you feel comfortable wearing. You will build a deep sense of appreciation for the olfactory world. Remember, smell is our strongest sense. It makes you memorable and also forms an impression. Wearing the right cologne for you is the best way to express yourself beyond visual.

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