Why Men Should Invest In Stainless Steel Bracelets

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Why Men Should Invest In Stainless Steel Bracelets

By Michael Sfougaristos

Find out the fascination behind stainless steel jewelry.


Stainless Steel Bracelets For MenPhoto by Enrico Carcasci on Unsplash

Throughout history, the human race has been known to revere the beautiful. From worshipping the lush, green lands and the glittering, cool waters to adoring the shining, precious metals found underground, the importance of beauty was always a forerunning thought on society. That is why the fascination with jewelry that women have, from past ages to present, can be deemed historically accurate and innately ingrained. Magnificent colored rocks cut to perfection that were intricately surrounded by gold and silver, such was the opulent statement that women boasted of modeling throughout the years.

But with the arrival of the 21st century came new opinions and ideals. The rise of capitalism has allowed not only the affluent but also people of every station in life to enjoy owning jewelry. It is common occurrence to find people wearing different kinds and styles of accessories everywhere, every day. With the belief on gender equality in place, men and women are slowly starting to appreciate the same things in life. It is not anymore surprising to see men wearing statement pieces, like earrings and bracelets. As jewelry is now regarded as everyday fashion, men and women have created a booming market that continues to innovate its products.

One such innovation is the introduction and use of stainless steel in the jewelry business. First crafted for the purpose of creating surgical instruments, microwaves, and other industrial machines, stainless steel is a metal alloy that has a few significant characteristics beneficial for jewelry making.
Stainless Steel Bracelets for Men

Photo by Thomas Serer on Unsplash

Of course, the addition of stainless steel does not undermine the value and beauty that its counterparts, like silver and gold, hold. But unlike the two, stainless steel is made with approximately 10% chromium which creates an invisible layer of protection from corrosion, which makes it highly resistant to staining. This wonderful metal is also very durable. Although it requires more effort to shape, a stainless steel piece can retain its form for better and longer than pieces made of silver and gold. Because of this, stainless steel is a great metal to use for jewelry that gets lots of use.

Stainless steel jewelry are often built unplated, making it a safe option for people who have skin allergies. Considered to be hypoallergenic to most people, these jewelry will less likely cause adverse skin reactions. Plus, the high resistance to staining allows stainless steel jewelry to last longer and fade less. As if all those features aren’t enough, stainless steel is also very affordable, making it a great everyday piece of jewelry. For all the advantages that come with it, buying jewelry made with stainless steel is an absolute bargain.

As such, this metal is much more beneficial to the average man of the 21st century. Men aren’t known for keeping many pieces of jewelry for himself. At best, he will probably own a few watches and one or two bracelets. Because of this short supply of choices, most men would sport their single piece of jewelry every day, wearing it out easily. Therefore, taking the time to choose and consider the make and style of a man’s jewelry is imperative to make sure he doesn’t waste his hard-earned money. Choosing a stainless steel bracelet over a gold-plated or silver one makes sure that the pressure of wearing it every day will not affect its appearance for a longer period of time. Especially for men who live in places where it is very humid, stainless steel bracelets will rust far slower than other types of metal.

But aside from the many advantages of the metal itself, a stainless steel bracelet is a versatile fashion statement that all men, regardless of age, race, or status, can easily model. It can easily be designed shiny or matte, depending on the man’s preference.

Steel Link Chain Bracelets
It also comes in a very clean and universally appealing color, a cool toned silver chrome. This sleek and simple shade can easily adapt to fit any color of clothing worn. Like the average man of today, a stainless steel bracelet defies boundaries. Its classy facade can be worn to a formal event while wearing a suit and tie. But at the same time, its straightforward design also works great with any casual, everyday number.

A stainless steel bracelet greatly mimics the modern and urban fashion that is taking the world by storm, nowadays. Its cool appearance is a great representation of the futuristic and cosmopolitan vision of the 2010s. This versatile statement piece is a great choice for men who do not want to be seen in only one way. The 2010s celebrates the diverse culture and background of the world, its people included.

Men of today can choose to be more than who they’re thought to be. This shows in the eclectic fashion that men partake in. One day, a man can choose to wear sweats and a simple shirt; the next, he’ll be sporting on a well-pressed polo and chinos. He can have a monochrome wardrobe one week, and a rainbow of colors the next. What’s amazing about a stainless steel bracelet is that it can be worn with any of these varying outfits. It is the one constant that can seamlessly fit with any number, for anyone, at any time, anywhere.

That is why it’s not only smart, but also essential, for a man to invest in a well-designed stainless steel bracelet that is suited with his personality and style. The debonair impression that a simple chrome bracelet holds can instantly make his wardrobe all the more put together. Add in the fact that stainless steel looks modernly sophisticated; it can guarantee extra points to being cool.

What’s there not to like. The practicality that the stainless steel metal has, such as versatility, durability, and the ability to withstand corrosion is already a good reason to get a stainless steel bracelet. But add in the fantastic benefits of how it looks as a fashion accessory, like its futuristic impression, its universally attractive silver chrome color, and its potential to fit with any ensemble makes it a clear winner when it comes to men’s jewelry. With all the reasons stated above, one can without a doubt say that the stainless steel bracelet is the perfect piece for the man of the 21st century.

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