Zara Again In The Negative Spotlight

Zara Again In The Negative Spotlight

Spain’s Zara is again within the spotlight, and not for best of news. Turkish Zara shoppers found notes inside the clothes they were shopping. 

This fast-paced growing fashion brand is no stranger to controversy, having been accused of ripping off big name brands such as YEEZY, Balenciaga, Rains and adidas. but, this ultra-modern difficulty in which has risen has a humanitarian crisis. Taking their destiny into their very own hands, the employees of Istanbul’s Bravo Tekstil have gone into Zara stores and sewn in or deposited notes into garments at the racks. Notes declaring messages like “I made this object you're going to buy, however I didn’t receive my commission for it. The workers claim that they’re owed a large amount of unpaid wages and several month’s lower back wages after their supervisor left and the factory was close down in 2016.

In keeping with a declaration via Zara’s agency, Inditex, the mega brand is running “to establish a complication fund for the workers” to be able to repay them for their work. No definitive conclusion has been reached. 

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