Fashion for Men and Women


Joey LondonMay 29, '17

There is one thing in particular that I really enjoy when it comes to Men’s Fashion, and that is new seasons, new collections, and brands that are fairly new to me! The other day I popped over to the Stradivarius store with my mate Chez (@ChezRust) on Oxford St to check out the launch of the new men’s collection and it was great! I was posting tonnes about it on my snapchat (if you guys follow me on there then you will know what i’m talking about haha) and they really did have some great pieces!

Necklaces For Women: Can never have enough!

KJSelectionsMay 29, '17

Necklaces Symbolize something to their owner. The owner of the necklace sees something on it that bridges the gap between her and an internal need for some other place and time.

5 Stainless Steel Bracelets For Men

KJSelectionsMay 28, '17

Stainless Steel bracelets for men make a stunning addition to men’s daily attire. These Bracelets are Stylish, Sleek, Elegant and Powerful.