Best Seller White Hair Cover Pen Disposable Natural Hair Color Pencil Long-Lasting

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Natural Herb White Hair Cover Pen

Instant gray root coverage, fast solution to get rid of those unwanted gray roots, perfect cover-up for areas around the hairline, broad areas of white gray hair, sideburns and roots.


Mild plant ingredients, Non-toxic, do not harm to your hair and skin. After using, the hair is still flexible, natural and soft, not easy to bleaching.


Easy To Apply, not messy. Apply directly to area you wish to touch-up. No water needed, will not mat or clump, the Staying Power Up To 2 days until washing out by shampoo, better to use a darker pillowcase if you do not wash it before you go to bed.


Convenient and Thoughtful DESIGN! You can use it like a lipstick. The chalk wont be broken off easily and your hands wont be colored.


Magic way turn Old to Vitality in only 1 minute, perfect for on the go & small enough for travel.


NO dripping due to a more water-resistant formulation


Volume: 20 g Approx. equal to 100 presses



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