Men's Gym Singlet | FKN ALPHA

This singlet is surprisingly cheap when you consider that a jar of Vegemite is $8.00 in the US and it's the medium size jar too.

The FKN ALPHA Gym Singlet, was actually the first men’s t-back gym singlet we designed and produced.

**Bonus FKN fact

The FKN ALPHA design goes back to 2014 from a suggestion by someone on the FKN Gym Wear Facebook page … “How about a gym shirt that says ‘FKN ALPHA’?

So here you have the FKN Alpha – Gym ‘Tback’ Singlet!

I thought it was probably a great idea, so I hit up Photoshop and got to work.

As a result, it has been a top seller all around the world.


  • Built from 100%, steel cut FKN cotton
  • Cold machine wash
  • Stop tumble drying your clothes, be a man and hang them up
  • Iron is for lifting, not prints